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Highlights of possible future features of JTLanguage.

What's Ahead

Here's a list of new features in mind to do, but not necessarily in the order they would be done.

  • Provide a mechanism for backing up and restoring study item status.
  • Provide a mechanism for syncing study item status between mobile devices and the website.
  • Implement the word conjugation mechanisms for languages not yet supported. Improve the generic table-driven mechanism to work for (most) all languages. (Japanese is in the works.) Add an import export mechanism so that the tables can be imported and exported.
  • Need more video documentation for teachers and students.
  • Show status indicator for courses, groups, lessons, and content, showing if the item has been seen yet, how many times visited, or if it is marked complete. Track for individual users. Also provide setting and clearing mechanisms for this.
  • Add a history mechanism, so you can see what you've done, and easily jump back to previous places.
  • Add a logging and general undo mechanism.
  • Enhance the media player to support multiple subtitle languages and and a mechanism like the text study tool to click on words for definitions.
  • Create a sentence diagramming mechanism. Incorporate it into the study list and dictionary example pages.
  • Add a trigger and branch mechanism for audio/video media.
  • Add speech-recognition to "Choose" mechanism choice selection in the Automated scripting.
  • Revise audio recording and speech-to-text in Flash tool to be automated (no need to click "Record" and "Stop" buttons, though the buttons will still be there), and hopefully improve the turn-around time for speech-to-text process (which sends the audio to the server, which may also send it to a Google speech service if the server doesn't have the support for that language).
  • Create language-practice bots, using both text and/or speech recognition. In other words, practice the language with a robot mechanism that understands a limited number and form of questions or responses.
  • Implement the remaining features I had in the old site, or had at least planned to have. These include a translator, a searchable grammar reference, teacher and user blogs, forums for questions and discussions, a chat mechanism for textual and audio chatting with other JTLanguage users for exchanging language practice, and a place to list references for other web sites and tools. The next will probably be the blog and forum mechanisms.

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