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What's New

Feature Update 1.3.0 - 22 Apr 2020

This release features several new features and additional polishing and bug fixing. See the details of this and other recent feature changes and bug fixes below and also in the notes for the previous release.

New features:

  • Looping/chorusing buttons added to media player, flash tool, and study list pages.
  • Added "Play slow", "Go to settings", and "Toggle YouTube controls" buttons to media player.
  • Added multi-language subtitle support to media player.
  • Word hover, click. select, and edit text popups added to study list, flash tool, and media player pages. See new check box/content options.
  • Added subtitle importer, which supports both .srt and .vtt file.
  • Added Language reactor importer. Supports .csv (without media) or .zip formats (with media). Use this with the "Anki + CSV" export option in Language Reactor.
  • Added "Passages" prototype, for studying entered text or web page.


  • (Sorry, didn't keep track of all of them. Lots of crashes and UI issues fixed.)
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